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Facing criminal charges can be extremely disconcerting and frightening. Even if you have done nothing wrong, trying to explain your situation to police officers or prosecutors on your own can sometimes make the situation even worse. If improperly addressed, a criminal charge could cost you: your job, your reputation, or even your future. In order to secure the best possible result when charged with a crime, it is important to work with an attorney familiar with criminal defense in New York. The Kokosa Law Firm is well versed in navigating all aspects of criminal matters, from investigation, to arrest, to bail hearings, negotiations, and criminal defense trials.

The Kokosa Law Firm is available to represent clients against any New York State criminal charge, large or small. Our team handles felony defense, misdemeanor defense, and violation defense throughout the greater Albany NY area. We service Albany, Latham, Troy, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Saratoga, Glens Falls, Queensbury, Selkirk, East Greenbush, Kingston, and more!

Whether you are charged with a violet felony, a non-violent felony, a misdemeanor, or a small violation, the Kokosa Law Firm will work with you to develop the best plan of action to defend against the charge or achieve an acceptable plea bargain with the prosecuting agency. Our team meticulously reviews all of the details and facts surrounding each case in order to provide vigorous and thorough representation.

The Kokosa Law Firm is experienced in representing clients for a wide variety of drug crimes, including possession, trafficking, intent to traffic,  distribution, and driving while ability impaired. Our team has been successful in negotiating plea arrangements for drug offenses as well as securing successful trial outcomes for drug crimes. The team at KLF has expert knowledge of how to successfully represent clients for assault, harassment, perjury, robbery, theft, petit larceny, shoplifting, unlawful imprisonment, tampering, trespassing, and a wide variety financial crimes, including: fraud, money laundering, tax crimes, mortgage fraud, welfare fraud, and insurance fraud. The Kokosa Law Firm also represents client for criminal and non-criminal traffic violations.

Not hiring a criminal defense lawyer or hiring the wrong criminal defense lawyer can end up being a mistake that costs you for the rest of your life. Don’t make that mistake, call the Kokosa Law Firm for to discuss any pending criminal charges. Whether you need an attorney for theft or an attorney for assault, our team can provide you with a criminal defense consultation today. We provide free initial phone consultations and can be reached at (518) 907-4694