We at the Kokosa Law Firm often get asked what the difference is between a $1,500 defense fee and a $5,000 defense fee. The answer is pretty simple… people who know AND exercise their rights make our job defending you take less time. Less time results in lower costs. Here are five tips which are easy to remember and can keep the cost down. 

If you are stopped by the police, there are five things you should remember:

  1. Remain calm. Know your rights, but always remain respectful of the officer.
  2. Leave. Ask “Am I being detained? Why? Am I free to go, or am I under arrest?”
  3. Remain silent. “Officer, I am choosing to remain silent. I would like my lawyer to present.”
  4. Don’t consent. “Officer, I am not consenting to a search of my person or my property.”
  5. Document. ” Officer, I am not interfering with you in any way. I am documenting this arrest, this is a public place, and I am entitle to do so.”